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Herd Health

Herd Health - There are 2 main areas where producers need a large animal veterinarian- individual animal and disease incidence, and comprehensive herd health and prevention programs.  The veterinarians at South Texas Vet Clinic strive to fulfill your needs and meet what you are looking for in a veterinary clinic.

Ultrasonography- We have several ultrasound units- one for routine repro exams, and a digital for tendon ligament and abdominal assessmant.  

Radiology-  We have a DR digital x-ray unit.  DR refers to a type of digital x-ray where the digital image is available within 3 seconds of taking the image.  A copy of your x-rays will be provided on a cd at your request, and they can easily be sent to a referral specialist for a second opinion. 

Wellness exams - Routine annual exams are provided, as well as annual coggins testing, vaccinations, deworming, etc.

Sickness exams - Even with the best preventive medicine programs, animals will still get sick, and we will be available to help diagnose and treat them.

Surgery - minor bovine and equine surgeries are provided.  We work closely with several equine referral centers, and will not hesitate to refer if we feel your animal needs additional attention, or if you so desire.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture- Dr. Rasmussen is certified in both, and provides this service to equine clients throughout south Texas.

Feedlot, stocker and cow calf operations- Dr. Moczygemba has a masters in epidemiology focusing on beef cattle production medicine.  He currently works with a number of feedlots and stocker operations, and is available to work on a consultation basis designing a herd health program for your operation